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IOVU-430S - 4.3" RISC Based PC

Producers are striving to create new mobile computing systems that will revolutionise the way companies work. Instead of following the computing market new products are initiating it by anticipating what the consumer, be they in healthcare, hospitality, public service, retail or other areas, needs.


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The RISC Panel PC operating system

The IOVU-430S 4.3 inch Panel PC is powered by low power consumption Samsung S3C2416 400MHz RISC CPU and Windows CE 6.0 operating system. The Panel PC is fanless and offers high performance computing power, supported by low power consumption. The touchscreen of the compact 4.3 inch Panel PC has a flat bezel panel to enhance the superb visual effects and give it a sleek, stylish and modern look. This 4.3 inch Panel PC is designed for high durability no matter how harsh the operating conditions. The Panel PC has a built in WiFi module and is backed up with extensive and integrated peripheral connections. These include an Ethernet port, a CAN bus, GPIOs, a miniSD card slot and serial ports' providing enough functionality and adaptability for all operating requirements.

The 4.3 inch Panel PC revolutionises mobile computing

This sturdy and adaptable RISC Panel PC can be utilised for a wide range of applications from home computing,through gaming, automation purposes and industrial control to digital signage. In the healthcare field the Panel will aid in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients with its ability to send and receive information in real time. Patient care can be coordinated from outdoor emergency to inpatient care. In retailing it allows tracking of inventory and efficient stock control, providing a quality service to customers, making sure stock is in the correct place when needed. Within the public sector of crime, military and security the use of the RISC Panel PC will make information processing more efficient in the field or the office. In the logistics and warehousing industry the storage, delivery, dispatching and tracking of goods is revolutionised. Finally in the hospitality world using the Panel will improve customer experience and satisfaction giving employees the tools they need to improve customer satisfaction. Whatever a company's mobile computing needs they will be supported by this adaptable RISC Panel PC.


  • 4.3" Mini Panel PC
  • WQVGA 320x240 Display
  • resistiver Touch Screen
  • Brightness: 500cd/m²
  • Viewing Angle: 140°/120° (H/V)
  • Samsung S3C2416 400MHz RISC processor
  • 128MB Flash and 128MB SDRAM Memory

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