15:42 15.06.2021
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IPC2U announces: Intel Xeon E5 processor - CPU for Cloud-Computing!

The IPC2U GmbH introduces the new Intel Xeon E5 CPU series. These CPUs are based on the most modern Intel architecture. Intel Xeon E5 is the first Intel platform, which offers solutions between 8 cores/ 1 socket and 16 cores/ 2 sockets. Thus significant increase of performance compared to the previous CPU generation can be achieved. For example the 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2658 CPU has 68% higher performance than the 6 core Intel Xeon E5645 processor of the previous Xeon series with similar thermal profile. Every processor is equipped with 4 memory channels, which can be outfitted with DDR3-1600 RAM. Moreover, Intel Xeon E5 is the first Intel Dual Socket CPU from server division supporting PCIe 3.0 bus. Therefore, performance can be increased, latency and power consumption reduced.
Intel Xeon E5 processors are designed for different purposes, no matter whether virtualization, cloud computing, process control or real-time finance transactions - everywhere one or two Intel Xeon E5 CPUs can be used. Thanks to its high performance or scalability Intel Xeon CPU is well-suitable for deployment in data processing centers. A possible deployment area is cloud computing. It provides scalable services and supports users’ flexibility and efficiency. Thus cloud facilities request powerful and flexible infrastructure, which can be easily adjusted to changing environments. As power-saving platform the Intel Xeon CPU is therefore well-suitable for clouds.

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15:42 15.06.2021