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Innodisk Industrial Flash Storage

For many years flash-based solid state disks have replaced most classical magnetic or optical storage options like hard drives or optical discs, something that has happened in most industries. The advantages of flash storage are obvious: fast access time, 100% silent operation and high mechanical robustness due to the lack of moving parts offer a substantial improvement compared to previous technology.

IPC2U has been working closely with Innodisk for many years, Innodisk is a manufacturer of flash storage disks and solutions specifically for companies from the following sectors: industry, military, aerospace and aerotechnics. Innodisk offers many specialized products specific to certain use cases. Customers are able to choose their storage medium from an extensive portfolio which all offer the optimal combination of robustness, safety, longevity and cost-efficiency. The latter aspect should be evaluated not only on purchase price but also on operation and maintenance ratios.

The finer differences between industrial flash storage compared to office or consumer products are listed here:

  • Option to choose between MLC and SLC technology
  • Optional extended operating temperature from -40 °C to +85 °C
  • High longevity due to utilisation of premium components and intelligent firmware
  • Built-in thermal sensors for monitoring operating temperature
  • Protection against data loss by using condensators which save buffered data once a power failure is detected
  • Intelligent software monitoring data integrity on flash drives which warns the user before a failure occurs
  • High I/O speed due to intelligent storage cell management
  • Many different form factors for different mechanical requirements: 2,5“and 1,8“ SSD, CF-Card, CFast, mSATA, M.2, SATADOM, mPCIe DOM, SD and USB

Let us quickly summarize: Innodisk industrial flash storage delivers a substantial added value in operation reliability while only inducing small additional costs. This is especially important when system failures and the resulting production stop cause substantial financial losses or when maintenance and repair of the systems are require lots of effort due to a spatial divide.

Subsequently we want to present a few application scenarios for which Innodisk created custom flash storage products.

Video recording: InnoREC

Innodisks InnoREC product family offers a range of flash storage. The software, hardware and firmware have been highly optimized for the increasing video surveillance market, to guarantee high image quality and reliability while also offering effective security measures. Due to these optimizations the write performance is consistently high with 430 MB/s in order to minimize the potential for image data loss. A sophisticated power management system helps with data integrity during and after unexpected power shutdowns. The quick erase tool is able to securely delete all the data saved and protects it from third party snooping.


Since modern SSDs suspend damaged storage cells, the life span of solid state flash drives diminishes continuously. This is an advantage when only running a single drive, since the majority of cells are working as expected the drive can still be used even if cells are damaged. When running SSDs in RAID this is a substantial problem, since a RAID controller might identify the size of each drive differently and thus send out an error message. Regular RAID controllers are usually not designed to work with SSDs. Innodisk offers custom RAID controllers specifically for SSDs based on M.2, mSATA, 2,5”, MiniPCIe and PCIe x4 technology, which are compatible with Innodisk storage and guarantee the smooth operation of an SSD RAID array.

Data protection: iRetention

Even though flash storage consists of non-volatile storage, meaning the data is secure even without constant a performance feed charge, this does not mean that the data will be safe on the device indefinitely, since a certain charge loss cannot be prevented. Different parameters like the ambient temperature or many fast read/write cycles affect this rate negatively. Research has shown that when the ambient temperature is raised from 40° to 85 °C, the data degeneration rate is 168 times higher. Innodisks new iRetention technology basically consists of a modern intelligent firmware, which continuously measures read and write operations and the ambient temperature to see exactly how often a certain storage cell might need to be “refreshed” in order to prevent data loss. The products in this range are ideal for being used in surroundings with a high variation in temperature, for example in vehicles, air freight or in the military.

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08:05 01.12.2020