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INJ-IG60-E24 Gigabit Ethernet PoE injector for industrial automation application

Using PoE injectors such as INJ-IG60-E24 is very convenient for the construction of data transmission networks, because this device supplies direct current power through network cables to power network devices. So, INJ-IG60-24 enables Ethernet to carry power along with data packets in the same cable. It reduces wire costs and necessity of electrical outlets for the equipment.

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  • Industrial PoE Injector
  • 2 x RJ-45 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
  • Redundant dual 24/48VDC Input Voltage
  • up to 72W PoE Output
  • -40..+75C Operating Temperature
  • IP30-protected Metal Chassis
  • Dimensions: 31.6 x 142 x 106 mm

Industrial grade, single port, gigabit Ethernet PoE INJ-IG60-E24 injector

INJ-IG60-E24 has two standard shielded RJ‐45 connectors for Ethernet cable connections. The connector labeled GbE will connect to Ethernet switch, while the connector labeled GbE+PoE will connect to PoE PD device such as IP Camera, Access Point, IP Phone, Digital Signage or any other PoE power device. 
A removable terminal block of device provides both power and alarm (normally closed relay contact) connections. Power can be provided through the dual inputs from separate 20-57VDC power sources. The alarm relay contact can be wired into an alarm circuit which senses an alarm condition when the contact is opened. The alarm relay is normally closed when there is no alarm condition (both PWR1 and PWR2 have source power). If either or both PWR have no power input, the alarm relay will "open". 
INJ-IG60-E24 has LEDs on the front face that report the condition of input power and availability of PoE power. Besides that, this device comes with both wall mount and DIN rail hardware brackets.

Improvements of PoE technology

The original IEEE 802.3af-2003 PoE standard provides up to 15.4 W of DC power to each device and the updated IEEE 802.3at-2009 PoE standard also known as PoE+, provides up to 30 W of power. But INJIG60-E24 can provide up to 36/60/72W through the non-standard use of all 4 pairs of cat. 5 cable. Ultra‐high power may be required by outdoor cameras that seasonally require fan for cooling in summer, or heater in winter to maintain proper operating environment for camera elements. INJ-IG60-E24 uses a 4‐pole DIP switch for configuration the needed level of power.

The example of using PoE feature is in the picture below:

INJ-IG60-E24 has EMI and EMS certifications and also suitable for heavy industrial environment and railway traffic. It completely fulfills the requirements of IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet standard and has the wide operating temperature range (-40 to 75C). Moreover, the MTBF parameter is 763,725 Hrs.

INJ-IG60-E24 Gigabit Ethernet PoE injector

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