02:09 03.07.2020
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IPC2U announces: iFire 3011 - power saving plattform with Linux Software for Firewall!

IPC2U presents the new system iFire 3011. iFire 3011 is a power saving, x86 based platform for the deployment as Firewall / Router / IDS. The device is based on the proved and power saving AMD Geode LX800 platform with 500MHz frequency. The device has a robust chassis and 4x Intel 82551ER 10/100MBit LAN interfaces. Two of them posses a by-pass function, which is important for failure safety. For the deployment as VPN router it produces the better performance as the CPU clock speed suggest.
The iFire 3011 is offered with the preinstalled Linux software. It enables the customers to start the device almost immediately, without long installation. The iFire 3011 can be configurated via Weninterface just after it is unpacked.

The Software is based on IPCOP, which is delivered on a 4GB CompactFlash card.

Order information
Contact: or by PHONE: +49 (0)511 807 259 0


  • AMD Geode LX800 500MHz CPU
  • 512MB DDR DRAM
  • 4x Intel 82551ER LAN, 1x RS232, 2x USB, 1x IDE
  • 4GB CF Karte
  • 1x 2.5" SATA Drive Bay
02:09 03.07.2020