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IFC-FDC-SC002 - Industrial RS-232/422/485 Daisy Chain Fiber Converter

IFC-FDC-SC002 is an industrial grade fiber media converter that provides dual fiber connections to extend asynchronous RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 serial transmissions over a distance up to 2km using multimode fiber. The dual fiber inputs allow connecting multiple devices in a cascade or "daisy chain" topology as well as creating ring architecture for fiber redundancy.

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  • Industrial RS-232/422/485 Daisy Chain Fiber Media Converter
  • Optical Multi-mode SC port
  • Distance 2km
  • 2.5kV Isolation
  • Redundant Dual 12/24/48VDC Input Power
  • -10.. 60C Operating Temperature

IFC-FDC-SC002 for point-to-point, cascade or ring architecture

The IFC-FDC uses control logic to connect an RS-485/422 interface, two RS-232 3-wire interfaces and two optical fiber channels.

A female DB9 connector socket provides two RS-232 channel connections with isolated ground. The first channel mirrors the RS-485 channel. Both of these may transmit simultaneously, but only one can receive at one time. The second RS-232 channel can run completely independently of the main RS-485 channel at up to 115.2 Kbps.

A 5-pin connector provides the balanced data transmission and data receiving for RS-485/422 along with a 2.5kV isolated ground connection.

IFC-FDC units are interconnected by the fiber channels and can form point-to-point, linear (cascade) or ring topologies. The instances are depicted below:

Methods to avoid data distortion in RS-485 communication lines

First of all, the RS-485 communications require terminating resistor arrangement at the ends of copper links to avoid electrical reflections that would cause data errors. The IFC-FDC-SC002 has built-in resistance, and this value is fixed at 120 Ohm. The terminating resistor is activated by appropriate DIP switch.

Secondly, pull up or pull down resistors must be installed to provide fail-safe bias for each data line when they are not being driven by any device. The bias resistors are designed to protect receivers from false triggering. IFC-FDC-SC002 uses rotary switches to select from ten different bias resistor values. Rotary switches have 9 positions and can change the bias resistance from 475 Ohm to 100 kOhm. The factory default settings are 4, which provide bias resistors of 1 kOhm in the pull high and pull low positions.

IFC-FDC-SC002 media converter features are an alarm relay contact and two redundant DC power inputs. Connecting to two separate power sources can ensure uninterrupted operation when one power source fails, whereas the alarm contact can help to control device operability remotely. Moreover, this device provides asynchronous serial data transmissions over EMI resistant fiber at speeds up to 1024kbps. So, IFC-FDC-SC002 has reliable industrial design and trusted characteristics for significant industrial automation applications, especially in the critical environments.

IFC-FDC-SC002 industrial grade fiber media converter

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03:57 19.11.2017