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Industrial Computers and Solutions for Automation and Communication
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ICS-G24S4X-AD Industrial Core Switch for large networks

An industrial Core Switch or Backbone Switch is the center of any network, because of its extended routing functionality and supporting huge amounts of routing protocols. One remarkable example for functionality plus efficiency is the ICS-G24S4X-AD Switch complying with many industrial-grade standards, providing a wide variety of redundant mechanisms and high density of Ethernet ports. This makes it a reliable and scalable solution for core layer or backbone applications.

Industrial Compact Enclosure
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Industrial Core Switch ICS-G24S series.

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  • Industrial Managed Core Switch with 20x 100/1000 Base-X Ports
  • 4x Combo ports
  • 4x 10GbE SFP+ ports
  • Redundant 110/240VAC and 24/48VDC input power
  • -10..+60C Operating Temperature

ICS-G24S4X-AD 28-ports 10GbE Backbone Switch

The ICS-G24S4X-AD is equipped with 20 100/1000Mbps dual speed SFP slots and 4 combo ports which provide users either 100/1000 Base-X SFP slot or 10/100/1000 Base-T RJ-45 interfaces. It also is equipped with 4 high-speed 10G SFP+ slots. This core switch can be powered up by AC or DC power supply. It has one isolated low voltage power input 18-60VDC and one isolated high voltage power input 88-264VAC which both provide failsafe reliable power redundancy. At the rear panel is one electrical alarm relay that can be wired into an alarm circuit and is triggered while programmable events occur. The alarm relay contact supports 1A current at 24VDC. 
Moreover, the ICS-G24S4X-AD is designed fanless and with IP30 rugged metal housing to meet demands of industrial grade and core layer applications.

Trusted backbone applications with ICS-G24S4X-AD

The ICS-G24S4X-AD offers various layer 2 management functions such as VLAN, IGMP, bandwidth control, port mirroring, cable diagnostic and Green Ethernet. It also supports u-Ring redundancy protocol that can establish up to 14 independent rings for flexible applications, especially employed in backbone infrastructure. 
ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching guarantees sub-50ms recovery switching for Ethernet traffic in a ring topology and ensures that there are no loops in the Ethernet layer. Besides u-ring, this switch can be used in u-chain, sub-ring type of topologies and any combinations of these. 
One of the main features of core switches is switching fabric parameter and here the ICS-G24S4X-AD reaches a level of 128Gbps. Besides that, it can transmit jumbo frames up to 10K and has 4M memory buffer. 
The ICS-G24S4X-AD as well as the complete ICS-G24S-series support SmartView Element Management System software for centralized control and monitoring. 
The ICS-G24S4X-AD has electromagnetic susceptibility certifications and is also certificated against shock-, freefall- and vibration influences. This future-proof up-to-date powerful switch should be considerate for building vital networks and is ideal for deployments in heavy industrial environment and/or railway traffic, especially at areas with high and/or low temperatures from -10° C up to 60° C.

ICS-G24S4X-AD Industrial Core Switch

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  • Industrial Managed Core Switch with 20x 100/1000 Base-X Ports, 4x Combo ports, 4x 10GbE SFP+ ports, Redundant dual 110/240VAC input power, -10..+60C Operating Temperature

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17:36 18.10.2017