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ICOP replacement solutions for AMD Geode LX800 CPU boards

The AMD Geode LX800 processor, widely used in industry, is being phased out, and suppliers and users of industrial automation systems are faced with the need to find an analog. In addition, to ensure the operability of a replacement solution, it should be taken into account that new generation processors typically do not support legacy I/O interfaces and OS.

ICOP is ready to provide a solution to replace AMD Geode LX800. The new series of mainboards is based on the Vortex86DX3 CPU and comes in for PC/104, half-size ISA and ETX form factors.

CPU comparison:

ParameterAtom x5-E8000Vortex86DX3AMD LX800Vortex86DX
CPU modelAtom x5-E8000Vortex86DX3AMD Geode LXVortex86DX
Clock speed1.04 GHz1000 MHz498,06 MHz1000 MHz
RAM4 GB2 GB (667 MHz)504 MB512 MB (300 MHz)
OS supportWin 7 Ultimate 64-bitWindows Embedded Standard 7Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 [5.1 Build 2600]

Recommended replacement models:

Model nameIBW-6954-E4VDX3-6754VDX3-6724VDX3-ETX
Form factorPC/104PC/104ISA half-sizeETX standard module
CPUIntel Atom x5 E8000Vortex86DX3Vortex86DX3Vortex86DX3

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22:06 12.04.2021