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ICES 620 - COM Express Type 6 module

With COM Express Type 6 module intelligent systems can be scaled down. The new ICES 620 series design has been drawn from that of the Intel Atom processor E3800 which is multi-core. This product family has intel HD Graphics built-in and 10W TDP or less quad core capability. In combination with the function of ECC, it is possible for the 95mm by 95mm ICES 620 series to be used for the innovation of intelligent systems that are reliable, compact and energy efficient. The intelligent systems include off-road vehicle systems, mobile and handheld devices, industrial human machine interfacing and networking including for VoIP and firewalls.

ICES 620
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ICES 620 – sutiable for harsh environments

Where operating environments are challenging, the improved temperature variant of the COM Express Type 6 module provides a solution with its high reliability even at temperatures of between -40 and 85°C. Another helpful feature on the COM Express Type 6 module for challenging environments on this module is the layer of conformal coating. The coating is applied to the model to keep the circuit board protected from corrosive elements such as various types of chemicals, dampness, dust and salt mist.

Advanced features of the COM Express Type 6 module ICES 620

In addition, COM Express Type 6 module is fitted with an Embedded Application Programming Interface(EAPI) as well as an embedded controller. This ensures that there is compatibility with carrier boards. Software design efforts are also reduced which leaves system developers free to focus on innovation. More time is also spent on marketing the intelligent systems.

To make system management simple, the COM Express Type 6 module is also fitted with Xcare 3.0. This is a management utility tool that can be used to track the status of various hardware parts such as the hard disk, memory and processor. This tool alerts technicians early of any hardware malfunction. Xcare 3.0 is also fitted with remote configuration, remote KVM and ICES 620 remote recovery.

The COM Express Type 6 module has been very well received in the market. As far as improving the efficiency of various intelligent systems goes and improving energy efficiency, the COM Express Type 6 module is actually making waves.


  • Support quad-core Intel Atom processor E3845 / dual-core Intel Atom processor E3825
  • Built-in embedded controller with EAPI support
  • Support up to 4GB of DDR3L 1066/1333MHz SO-DIMMs with ECC
  • Support 4 x PCIex1, 7x USB2.0/2x SATA2.0, and GbE
  • 2 x DP/VGA interfaces
  • Dimension 95 x 95mm (W x L)

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13:19 20.10.2017