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Ethernet to HART Converter I-7547

The I-7547 is an Ethernet to HART Converter, which is well-suitable for deployment as Master Device for one or several peripheral devices. If it is connected via some LAN port to a control computer, it allows thanks to delivered special software access to respective equipment. The I-7547 is suitable for industrial environments as well as for research operations.

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The I-7547 allows easy integration of HART Devices

The Ethernet to HART Converter has a direct interface for the network, moreover connection can be built via terminal with two signal paths for every single port. Altogether, the I-7547 offers four different channels with selectable 250 Ohm resistance for single connections, against overvoltage there are terminals with 4KV ESD protection.

Isolation voltage amounts to 500 Voc. Additional security is provided by polarisation protection, which is installed on the Ethernet to HART Converter and prevents device damage in the case of reverse power supply. The HART Short as well as Long Frame are supported by I-7547. For operations there are Burst, Point-to-Point or Multi-Drop Mode. The maximal amount of addressable Slave Devices is in the case of the Ethernet to HART Converter 15, it can be deployed up to 2 independent masters.

Comprehensive software for the Ethernet to HART Converter

For simple communication and universal access the I-7547 has an integrated webserver, which can be used for network configuration. Permanent operational readiness is ensured by watchdog timer, which restores operating of the Ethernet to HART Converter even in critical situations. Control software HC Tool is delivered with I-7547 allowing automatical identification of all connected HART devices and configuration via Universal & Common-Practice Command v6.0 normally used for protocol. Further features are comprehensive data logging and module programming. Additional tools like FieldCare for usage with Field Device Tool (FDT) or by Siemens designed PDM are available per download. The Ethernet to HART Converter I-7547 can be used in data acquisition or automation devices in industry or petrochemical or power plants as well as in labs or for surveillance.


  • Supports HART Short/Long frame
  • Supports HART Burst mode
  • Supports point-to-point or multi-drop HART mode
  • Supports connecting up to 15 HART slave devices
  • Allows two HART masters
  • PHC_Tool utility for module configuration and HART communication
  • Supports firmware update via Ethernet
  • PWR / TxRx indication LED
  • 4KV ESD Protection
  • Built-in Watchdog
  • Selectable 250Ω load resistor
  • 4x HART channels
  • Supports VxComm technique
  • Built-In Web Server for network setting
  • Supports FDT (Field Device Tool) technique and the below FDT software have been tested OK

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