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I-7531-FD: isolated CAN/CAN FD repeater

ICP DAS has introduced the new isolated CAN/CAN FD repeater I-7531-FD, which allows two or more CAN networks with the same baud rate to be connected.

The I-7531-FD signal repeat function allows users to not only restore the signal on the CAN bus, but also implement a tree or star CAN network topology when using multiple I-7531-FDs. In addition, the I-7531-FD has 2500V rms channel-to-channel isolation and 3000V power isolation to effectively protect CAN networks from interference and surges..

I-7531-FD complies with CAN 2.0 A/B and CAN FD specifications, ISO 11898-2 standard, and also allows data transfer via CAN bus at up to 800 kbps, and in CAN FD mode up to 8000 kbps.

CAN/CAN FD repeater I-7531-FD specification:

Name I-7531-FD
CAN ports 2
CAN baud rate CAN: 5…800 kbit/s
CAN FD: arbitration rate up to 1000 kbps, data rate up to 8000 kbps
Isolation 2500 V rms between channels
3000 V DC-DC power
Terminal resistor Built-in 120 ohm, jumper switchable
Specification ISO-11898-2, CAN 2.0A/B and CAN FD (CAN FD supports ISO and Non-ISO)
Time delay Typical 175 ns or about 35 m CAN bus
Input voltage +10 V DC…+30 V DC
Power consumption 1 W
Chassis material Plastic
Dimensions 72 x 118 x 33 mm
Mounting DIN rail
Operational temperature -25…+75 °C

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21:23 29.06.2022