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The Impressive Features That Make the HRC-4200-2G the Best Personal PDA Assistant

Whatever your occupation, you need to stay connected wherever you are which sometimes may be in the field or in a meeting in another location. The HRC-4200-2G sorts out your communication needs with its impressive list of features.

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What the rugged handheld PDA helps you do in and out of your office

If the field you are is one that is rough and rugged, the HRC-4200-2G will ensure that you remain connected to your office. This IP54-rated, handheld computer is made for use with a good number of mobile applications. With the communication capabilities that have been built into it, you can extend enterprise computing not only within the company grounds but also far beyond. You get excellent visibility thanks to the generously sized 6.2 inch VGA display with a resolution of 640 by 240 pixels that ensures high performance and efficiency. Also, productivity is enhanced which benefits both you and your customers. Memory is not a problem with the 128MB RAM and the 1GB flash memory that can be expanded via an SD Smart Card Reader. This outstanding PDA has a number of applications; it can be used for those in warehousing, courier and postal services, transportation and logistics, homeland security and field services and maintenance. You can also work on your HRC-4200-2G without fear of damaging it if it drops. It can be dropped up from a height of up to 4 feet onto a concrete surface and not get damaged.

The specifications and accessories on the enterprise communicator

You can see a lot of data on the large screen which you can navigate through on the full QWERTY keyboard. Add in the in-built WLAN, WWAN, IrDA interfaces and Bluetooth and you have an impressive handheld PDA that you can use to gather, process, send and receive data right where everything is happening be it in the field or in a board room where a meeting is going on. With the integrated bar code scanner, it is possible to acquire data automatically without any risk of input errors.

The finger-friendly keyboard can freely be re-sized and programmed thanks to Triangular Buttons and Free programmable Side Action and Suspend and Reset Buttons. In addition, also integrated is a highly sensitive GPS receiver that facilitates car navigation, secure proof of delivery as well as fleet management. These are supported by on-screen signature capture or by using an integrated Smart Card reader.

The HRC-4200-2G comes with a number of accessories. For power, there are the options of using a multi-battery charger,a multi-charging station, a docking station and a travel charger that includes a power adapter or CL adapter. For connectivity, there is an Ethernet via multi-charging station, USB host & client/Audio/RS232 docking stations and USB host & client/Audio/RS232 Smart Caps. A Pistol Grip and carrying cases are also included.


  • 6.2" Rugged Handheld PDA
  • PXA 270 520MHz
  • 128MB RAM
  • 1GB Flash, Micro SD card slot
  • 1xUSB host
  • Smart Card Reader
  • 1D Bar Code Reader, IP54

HRC-4200-2G Rugged Handheld PDA

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