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HART gateway for -40°С application

ICP-DAS releases a new version of HART to Modbus RTU / TCP protocol converters that can operate at extremely low temperatures down to -40 °С. New models get the -UTA prefix.

HART gateways for harsh conditions

Brief review of the series

HRT-310 and HRT-710 gateways serve one and the same function - they convert HART Master to Modbus RTU/ASCII Slave and backwards, however HRT-310 model is more recent and features better characteristics.

HRT-710 HRT-310
DIN-rail positioning Horizontal Upright
HART signal Standard Extended communication distance
Support of loop power No Support (module provides +30V output)
Built-in resistor 250 Ohm (1/4 W) 250 Ohm(1 W)

HRT-711 gateway converts HART Master to Modbus TCP Slave.

HRT series for -40

Name Description
HRT-310-UTA Modbus RTU/ASCII Slave to HART Master gateway, 1xRS-232/422/485, slim housing, -40...+75°C
HRT-710-UTA Modbus RTU/ASCII Slave to HART Master gateway, 1xRS-232/422/485, -40...+75°C
HRT-711-UTA Modbus TCP Server to HART Master gateway, 1xLAN, -40...+75°C
16:28 06.08.2020