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Fire-resistant 3.5” Fire Shield SSD by innodisk

Innodisk has announced the latest development in the sphere of industrial data storage systems - a series of fire-resistant 3.5” Fire Shield SSD

The drives are designed in a fire-resistant housing of 3.5’’ form factor and can withstand direct flames.

Fire-resistant 3.5” Fire Shield SSD by innodisk

Unlike vehicles in aviation industry, the ground vehicles rarely provide storage device burning protection. Any contact with fire or high temperature can destroy the SSD, which makes the data recovery impossible.

The fire-resistant 3.5” Fire Shield SSD is a new product in the sphere of data storage systems and is claimed to be a data storage device for a data recorder in automobile and railway vehicles.

Despite of safety precautions implemented in the modern vehicles, the fire accident still can’t be completely avoided. Each year, in Russia over 300 car accidents involving vehicle fire occur. Due to little attention to the data storage device fire protection, all information that has been collected during the trip including that from driving recorders and monitor sensors burns with the car electronics.

In order to increase road traffic security and simplify vehicle fire accidents investigation, Innodisk has created the fire resistant series of 3.5” Fire Shield SSD.

The 3.5” Fire Shield SSD design applies the “black box” concept based on the flight data recorder that protects the memory elements from external actions.

3.5” Fire Shield SSD specifications

Interface SATA III
Memory type SLC/iSLC
Capacity 8Gb~128Gb
Max. number of channels 4
Max. r/w speed for series 520/360
Max. power consumption 1.1 W (5V x 220 mA )
Temperature sensor Yes
ATA Security Yes
S.M.A.R.T. Yes
Dimensions 146.00 X 101.60 X 25.40 mm
Tests Vibration: MIL-STD-810G Method 516.7 Procedure I
Fire resistance: IEC 62625-2:2016 code FB
Impact shock: IEC 62625-2:2016 code SB Static
Static crush: IEC 62625-2:2016 code CB Storage
Storage temperature -55°C ~ +95°C
MTBF 3 million hours

Inner design 3.5” Fire Shield SSD

To simulate the emergency situations, 3.5” Fire Shield SSDs were exposed to over 800oC of direct flames during 30 minutes. As the result of the tests, the highest level of reliability and fire resistance of 3.5” Fire Shield SSD materials and design technology have been confirmed. Thus, even the actual ignition of the SSD does not lead to the data loss. This becomes possible thanks to the triple-layered protection of the memory elements, which makes 3.5” Fire Shield SSD an ideal solution for data storage in automobile, railway, air-space and military industries.
10:15 02.06.2020