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Embedded Boards - KINO-945GSE - NANO-945GSE and WAFER-945GSE

IPC2U extends its embedded board range with Mini-ITX KINO-945GSE for applications between -20°C and +70°C, as well as with NANO Epic-945GSE and WAFER-945GSE for especially demanding areas from -40°C to +85°C.
So IPC2U not only completes its generall embedded board range, but also delivers with these 3 form factors appropriate solutions for the different demanding application fields.

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Kino-945GSE Embedded Boards

pic.: KINO-945GSE embedded boards

Features :

  • Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 1.6 G for ultra low voltage fan-less support
  • DDR2 400/533 SO-DIMM Memory support up to 2GB
  • Dual Display support by VGA + DVI-D, LVDS + VGA, LVDS + DVI-D
  • Support PCIe mini Card, PCI slot for expansion
  • Support 6x USB2.0, 2x SATA, 4x COM

Embedded board KINO 945GSE ULV 1.6GHz CPU

Nano-945GSE Embedded Boards

pic.: NANO-945GSE embedded boards

Features :

  • Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 1.6G CPU for Ultra Low Voltage Fan-less support
  • Single 12V power input, Provide 5V output for SATA Device
  • Dual LVDS support dual independent display
  • Support 4x COM, 6x USB, 2x SATA
  • Support PCIe Mini Card, PCI-104 for expansion

Embedded board NANO 945GSE ULV 1.6GHz CPU

Wafer-945GSE Embedded Boards

pic.: WAFER-945GSE embedded boards

Features :

  • Intel® Atom™ N270 1.6GHz CPU for Ultra Low Voltage Fan-less support
  • Support Dual display for VGA+LVDS
  • System Memory support up to 2GB/DDR2 533MHz
  • Support 6x COM , 6x USB2.0 , 2x SATA and CF TypeII socket
  • Thermal design for easy assembly

Embedded board WAFER 945GSE ULV 1.6GHz CPU

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15:40 16.12.2017