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EC300 fanless industrial PC with a lot of configurations

Most computers used today come with a fan which helps in cooling the system. However, some computers have been designed to operate without a cooling fan. The EC300 is a fanless embedded PC designed to operate in a low power environment together with modern Intel core processors. It is an industrial PC which functions in harmony with the Intel QM77 chipset and provides excellent graphics and mobile computing performance.

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Benefits of the EC 300 industrial PC

The high performance input-output capabilities coupled with the Intel HD Graphics 4000 processor enable the high performance of the fanless embedded PC. This advanced computer is designed with a modular concept that enables it support different system configurations. One such combination is the EC 300 CR4866 system, equipped with 4x PoE ports and thus allowing transmission of data and power through a single cabel. This is a powerful system that allows use of Ethernet cables to transmit both power and data using large capacity LAN ports.
EC 300 is equipped with 1x miniPCIe slot for WiFi module or mSATA as well as one optional riser card supporting 3G. Furthermore, four riser cards with different expansion slots and five remouvable I/O modules are possible. To increase utility for the user deployment of low-cost ODM I/O modules is also possible.

This particular design of the EC 300 fanless embedded PC enhances the flexibility of the computer and simplifies the process of powering devices that are remotely located. There are many benefits of the fanless embedded PC. These benefits override those of regular PC computers especially in industrial applications.

Energy Efficient: Fanless embedded PC computers are much more energy efficient compared to their fanned counterparts. A typical computer has about 3 or 4 fans and each fan draws about 3-5 watts. Industrial computers use a heat sink to dissipate heat, reducing the energy requirements of the PC.

Reliable PC: Fans are considered to be the biggest cause of PC failure. Cooling fans are extremely sensitive to operating conditions within the system and are affected by dust, heat and other factors. Alternative cooling systems eliminate these problems presented by fans, making fanless embedded PC computers very reliable.

Flexibility: When it comes to industrial operations, space is often limited and compact PC designs are preferred over bulky options. A fanless embedded PC such as the EC300 offers designers more flexibility due to the absence of fans. This creates room for a compact PC that is suitable for industrial operations. The EC 300 fanless embedded PC fulfills military protection norms against vibration such as MIL STD 810F 514 5C-1 for HDD and MIL STD 810F 514 5C-2 for CF or SSD).

Any firm or organization interested in a reliable, cost effective and modern industrial PC should definitely consider the EC300 fanless embedded PC. It is a reliable, affordable and energy efficient computer with great capabilities and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.


  • 3rd/2nd Generation Intel Core CPU
  • 2 Mini-PCIe (1 optional)
  • Intel QM77 Chipset
  • 1x 2.5" SATA drive bay
  • 1 CompactFlash socket
  • Supports 1 mSATA module via the mini PCIe slot
  • 2 DDR3/DDR3L SODIMM up to 16GB
  • 1 VGA, 1 DVI (-CR6881)
  • Dimensions: 340.5mm x 88mm x 223mm

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11:31 15.07.2020