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IPC2U announces: EBC-360 - 3,5“ form size with Tolapai processor!

IPC2U presents the new compact 3.5” Board EBC-360. The special feature of this board is SoC Tolapai processor. This processor delivers an outstanding performance-per-watt for small form factor design. It provides a combination of performance, power efficiency, footprint savings and cost-effectiveness in a perfect way. Moreover through the FastPath bus, all of the components in the Acceleration and I/O interfaces can communicate with each other directly and memory controller without MCH. 

Beside Intel Tolapai 1.2GHz CPU EBC-360 is also equipped with 2x CAN (for especially safe and rapid data transfer), 2x Gbit LAN, 4x USB, 2x COM, 1x SATA. It enables EBC-360 for utilization in versatile fields like Factory Automation, Car Industry, Marine Control, Medical System, Photo- Copiers and Aircraft Control. 

Thus EBC-360 is well suitable for small-to-medium business (SMB) and enterprise security and communications appliances (including VPN/firewall and unified threat management), transaction terminals, interactive clients, print and imaging applications, wireless and WiMax access applications, SMB and home
network attached storage, converged IP PBX solutions, converged access platforms, IP media servers, VoIP gateways and industrial automation applications.

EBC-360 is availiable as: 

EBC-360-1200 with 1.2GHz Tolapai processor
EBC-360-600 with 600MHz Tolapai processor 

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  • 3.5" form factor
  • Intel SoC Tolapai processor 1.2GHz or 600MHz
  • Support up to 1GB non-ECC 400/533/667/800MHz DDR2 SDRAM (800MHz only with 1.2GHz Tolapai processor)
  • 1xPCI104 expansion slot
  • 2xCAN
  • 4x USB, 2xCOM, 2x Gbit LAN, 1x SATA
02:43 07.07.2020