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IPC2U announces: The Lotus series - visualisation under extreme temperatures

IPC2U presents the new Lotus Panel PC series.

One of the characteristic models of this series is E-1223-30. The PC offers the 12.1“ LCD panel with 800x600 resolution and excellent 500:1 contrast. This makes Lotus a very good solution for visualization area, especially in the industry. Therefore Lotus is equipped with IP-65 front panel protection. A special feature is the wide temperature range between 20… +50C.
E-1223-30 has very reliable back light (MBTF 50.000 hours). At the same time it is the pretty high-powered PC through Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor. Intel Atom  N270 is often used in fanless, energy saving and stable applications. Additional part for high performance is considerable memory: 512MB DDR 2 RAM on-board, if necessary up to 2GB.
For communication and optimal integration there are 3xCOM, 5xUSB, 1xGbit LAN, 3xDI and 2xDO in Lotus E-1223-30.  Specially highlighted must be galvanic isolation of 2xRS-232/485 and 3xDI/ 2xDO, which ensures that the PC does not take damage in the case of short circuit. Lotus E-1223-30  is also very good suitable for industry applications with different voltage by its 6-36V power supply. 

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Lotus E-1223-30 


  • 12.1“ LCD Panel
  • Intel Atom 1.6GHz, 533MHz FSB processor
  • Up to 2GB DDR2 RAM, 512MB On-Board
  • 1xGbit LAN, 1xRS232, 2xRS232/485, 5xUSB, 3xDI/ 2xDO
  • Galvanic isolation  RS232/485 and DI/DO
  • Wide temperature -20C … +50C
  • 6-36V DC power supply
13:07 04.07.2020