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The DuraHPC-5-1-X5690-LCS - a rugged PC, providing reliability in the heart of industry

This DuraHPC-5-1-X5690-LCS is a half rack rugged industrial PC with an aluminium chassis construction. The rugged features on this design provide extreme temperature resistance as well as vibration and shock endurance, while the aluminium case allows internal components to stay cooler for longer, making it an overall suitable product for outdoor conditions and other extreme environments. The Intel Xeon X5690 processor allows for an increased bandwidth and thus increased performance regarding memory, as well as increased speed due to its dual processing capabilities.

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A rugged industrial PC, bringing you the results you need

Industrial PCs are beneficial when it comes to reliability and durability. With components less likely to suffer wear and tear due to the heavy exterior casing, these are products that can withstand harsher working environments and thus reduce downtime and increase productivity. In the military operations field, these designs in recent years have become more and more used. The water cooling system featured on this DuraHPC-5-1-X5690-LCS is also an asset to any user as the sound output is low and specific components can be individually cooled to a greater level than with a fan or heat sink system.

Box embedded computers, for in-the-field operations

The advantage of a box embedded PC is the space efficiency where operation in industry is concerned. Comparably compact and small in size, this 225mm x 890mm x 700mm DuraHPC-5-1-X5690-LCS is easy to store and transport, making it an industrial PC that is suitable for remote use with minimal power consumption. The impressive default 12 GB memory plus the 80 GB pre-installed SD on this DuraHPC-5-1-X5690-LCS model also causes minimal disruption in terms of file transfer, again proving itself as a trustworthy computer.

To find out more about our extensive range of rugged industrial PCs and box embedded computers, including precise technical specifications on each product, have a browse through our website to pick out the most viable option for you. You can also make use of the filter system to aid you in searching for your specific needs.


  • 1U+1U
  • 19" Half Rack Rugged Industrial with Liquid Cooling System
  • 2xIntel Xeon X5690 3.46GHz CPUs
  • 12GB DDR3 RAM, 80GB SSD
  • 1x40Gb Infiniband
  • 1xAV Output, 1x10/100 Ethernet Management Port
  • 1xEIA Serial, 2xUSB
  • 18...36V DC-In

The DuraHPC-5-1-X5690-LCS Rugged PC

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13:00 29.07.2021