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Durabook equipment can be cleaned with disinfectants

Durabook works hard to provide the best mobile solutions so customers can innovate faster and increase their productivity. Durabook equipment has found applications in a variety of industries: healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and logistics. Customers often use equipment in potentially hazardous environments where germs and bacteria are spread and therefore must treat equipment with disinfectants.

Durabook has tested its series of notebooks and tablet PCs with the most commonly used disinfectants. In order to check whether the devices will withstand the disinfection procedure during their entire service life, it was performed 10,000 times at a pressure of 1 kg/cm2. The surface was cleaned with a microfiber fabric moistened with disinfectant.

The disinfectant cleaning test was performed in the following order:

You can find the results of the test here:

Active ingredient Model name/Disinfectant Z14I S14I S15AB U11I R11 R11L
Isopropyl alcohol 70% Alcohol-coated wipes
Ethanol 75% Ethanol-based disinfectant
Isopropanol 17.2% and ammonium chloride 0.28% CaviWipes germicidal wipes
Sodium hypochlorite 0.55% Clorox Healthcare Bleach germicidal wipes
Ammonium chloride 0.25% Sani-Cloth Plus germicidal wipes
Ammonium chloride 0.21% Total Solutions disinfectant wipes

As you can see from the above table, all Durabook equipment has been successfully tested and can be used in areas where frequent sanitization is required, which is especially important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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13:51 28.11.2021