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DNA 1120 – desktop appliance for network security

The DNA 1120 is a desktop appliance that is considered an ideal platform for small businesses and SOHO. This can be used by small and medium sized enterprises to build a secure workplace. The reliable and advanced security appliances can help protect the business at all times. If the important information of your business is not protected, you may not be able to safeguard it from unauthorized access. Businesses need to ensure that all their data is safeguarded from misuse. 


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Desktop Appliance Specifications

Main board - The main board consists of DNB 1120, Intel ICH8Mchipset and onboard Intel dual core processor. The dual quad core processors greatly enhance the CPU computing bandwidth.

Devices - The devices are onboard compact sockets, internal HDD bay and SATA Dom device.

LAN Features - The system has a LAN chip, support 10/100/1000 link speed and LAN bypass. The LAN bypass enables connection fault tolerance for the appliances. So even when the desktop appliance stops due to a software or hardware problem the users may not find the network to be inaccessible.

I/O Interface rear - The desktop appliance interface includes a power button, USB port, copper LAN ports, PCI expansion slots and RJ45 type console port.

Expansion - The desktop appliance can be expanded easily to include 1 PCI slot, 1 mini PCI slot, 1 PCIe slot and 1 mini PCIe slot. You may be able to enhance the PCIe based security desktop appliance to utilize 10 gigabit networks. This can help in boosting the overall network performance.

Power input KW2

The power input required for this desktop appliance is 45 W power adaptors. The modular design platform can cope with different types of connections. The connection types may include copper, fiber or two ports or multi ports. You may be able to increase connectivity with high port density.

You can choose to order DNA 1120 with single or double core processor, 4 gigabit LAN ports and PCI expansion slots depending on the specific needs of your business. The full range of network security desktop appliance platforms is designed to fit various environments easily. They act as a solid foundation to host virtual private network and load balancing.


  • Desktop Network Platform
  • Intel Atom D525 Dual Core 1.8GHz CPU Core/D425 Single
  • Supports DDR3 800 memory up to 2 GB
  • 4 x GbE LAN ports
  • Support LAN bypass
  • 1 x PCI expansion
  • On-board CF Socket
  • Internal 1 x 2.5" HDD Bay

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01:19 15.07.2020