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CPU-1440-A4 - An embedded CPU board for demanding customers

The CPU-1440-A4 is a CPU board that is intended for customers who have high demands of their IT equipment. It uses up to date CPU architecture to bring high-performance in once of the most compact devices you are likely to find. The CPU-1440-A4 comes in the PC/104+ Module form factor which is small and lightweight, making it a very versatile component.

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A superb PC/104+ Module form factor CPU board with many features

These small form factor embedded CPU board's are perfect for various applications such as industrial, transport services, military and other defence sectors and any others who need versatile computing solutions. What makes these devices so effective in these sectors is their ability to run on low power levels. By running in this manner, they can be used in portable units, ideal for front line and mobile staff.

The CPU-1440-A4 CPU board is packed with all the specs you could need from a compact CPU board. The board comes with a Vortex86DX Cpu which operates at a very fast 600 MHz frequency. This is a single CPU setup, but performs very well for such a small device. Also coming with the board is a massive 2GB of super fast Flash memory, this memory is dedicated to the Operating System, meaning general operation of the system is very fast. Alongside the Flash memory, there is also SDRAM installed which reaches a maximum of 128MB, ideal to support software applications that are installed on the system.

To provide a graphical output from the device, there are two interfaces to choose from depending on your display architecture. LVDS and VGA are both available and can be used independently or together.

Other connectivity interfaces include 100Mbit/s ethernet connection for super fast network connectivity. You will also have access to 4 COM ports, 4 USB slots and an LPT port. This makes the CPU-1440-A4 CPU board very extensible and flexible in terms of fitting in with your existing systems.

This is a durable and hardwearing device and has been designed to continue operating in some of the most harsh conditions. Operating temperatures from -40 degrees celsius up to 85 degrees celsius are acceptable and humidity levels from 10% up to 90% will not harm the device.

The dimensions of the board are 90mm x 100mm, so at less that 10cm square, this is ideal for mobile applications, either worn by staff or mounted in mobile vehicles.

This is a high-performing device that can support a wide spectrum of applications and will keep on going even in some of the most unfriendly circumstances. Low power usage combined with the high processing power and super fast memory mean this CPU board will not be beaten. There is a huge variety of similar CPU boards available here that can support any number of applications. Take a closer look at the CPU-1440-A4 and the other models of embedded CPU boards here, we will almost certainly have a device that will meet your computing needs.


  • PC-104 Module
  • Vortex86DX processor at 600MHz
  • x86 compatibility
  • True ISA and DOS compatibility
  • Fanless (less than 4W)
  • Integrated video
  • Long term availability
  • Extended temperature range

CPU-1440-A4 embedded CPU board

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