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Compact Vehicle Gateway - UST200-83H-FL from Axiomtek

Axiomtek introduces a new compact fanless computer intended for use as a gateway in vehicles – UST200-83H-FL.

UST200-83H-FL is based on an Intel SoC chipset and Intel Atom x5-E3930 processor with a TDP of only 6.5 watts, allowing it to operate stably even at 70 oC ambient temperature. There is one SO-DIMM DDR3 slot supporting up to 8GB RAM.

UST200-83H-FL computer has only two mini PCI Express expansion slots (1x Full-size and 1x half-size):

  • mini PCI Express Full-size slot for installing 3G\LTE\Wi-Fi communication modules
  • mini PCI Express half-size slot for a mSATA SSD drive up to 1TB

In addition to the mini PCI Express half-size slot with mSATA support, a built-in eMMC drive from the factory is available as an option.

In addition to connecting to 3G\LTE networks, the UST200-83H-FL computer is capable of operating in wireless WI-FI networks. For this, an AP12356 WT Wi-Fi (802.11AC) module is installed in a free mini PCI Express Full-size slot, and up to two external antennas are brought out through the holes in the computer case.

Take closer look at UST200-83H-FL computer

Among external interfaces of the UST200-83H-FL there are: a two-pin connector for a remote control button, LED indicators for power and SSD operation, a power button and a reset button, two RJ-45 LAN connectors with 1.5 kV isolation (Intel i211-IT controller), two USB 2.0 ports ( USB-A) for peripheral devices, one VGA port for supporting resolution up to FullHD at 60Hz, two holes for external communication antennas, a protected power connector (terminal block) with a control input for connecting to a car ignition system (Axiomtek Smart Ignition) and support for DC voltage of 12 or 24 volts, and one DB9 connector for digital DIO 8 bit (4-in/4-out). Additionally, for data exchange with the vehicle, there is one DB9 connector for CANBus 2.0 A/B (UST200-83H-FL-E3930-CANTVDC model) or one DB9 for RS-232/422/485 COM port (UST200-83H-FL-E3930-COMTVDC model).


  • Intel Atom x5-E3930 Processor with a TDP of 6.5 watts
  • RAM: 1x DDR3-1866 SO-DIMM up to 8 GB
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • 1x DB9 RS232/422/485 or DB9 CANBus 2.0 A/B
  • 2x mini PCI-Express
  • 1x VGA
  • 1x DIO 4-in/4-out
  • 2x Ethernet ports with 1.5 kV isolation
  • Wide temperature range from -40oC to + 70oC
  • Power supply 12V or 24V DC
  • Wall or DIN rail mounting
  • Dimensions: 100 mm x 125 mm x 31 mm
  • OS support: Windows 10 64-bit, Ubuntu 18.04

To conclude, Axiomtek’s new industrial UST200-83H-FL is a reliable and compact computer with a wide range of I/O ports, which is perfect for placement in tight spaces in vehicles, where vibration and power surges are common, and the ambient temperature ranges from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius.

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