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IPC2U announces: CARD STAR - mobile medical terminal!

IPC2U presents the mobile terminal CARD STAR/ memo3. The terminal is e.g. suitable for doctor rounds in hospitals, visiting sick people at home or issue medication in hospital or in a laboratorium.
The chassis measures 131 x 65-70 x 22-24mm (L x W x H) only and is very manageble. With the weight of 180 Gramm the device can be easily transported. Furthermore, the CARD STAR can be easily cleaned with usual disinfectants.
The black-white display with 11 lines (line height 4mm) and a resolution of 128 x 128 allows a well-readable text output.
A lighting, that can be switched off, adjustable contrast ratio, acoustic signaler and further features provide enhanced comfort.
The CARD STAR/ memo3 can be used as standard health insurance card reading device according to Bundesmantelvertrag § 19. Storage of electronic medical card master data and its transfer is processes in MKT+ - standard. Thereby up to 200 health insurance cards can be stored (also in mixed combination).
The card reader is designed for up to 200.000 mating cycles.
Card reading is processed automatically without manual handling. Records are shown directly on screen. If a stationary reading device is defect, data can be directly transferred to the terminal.
Insured person master data from health insurance cards can be printed without PC. Printing according to forms as well printing from LANR or BSNR is also possible. For data exchange with CARD STAR/ medic 2  an infrared interface is available. Cable connected data transfer can be processed over a mini USB interface.
Great importance is attached to security. The chassis is protected against manipulations similar to eHealth-BCS terminal. If an administrator-password is forgotten, it can be restored also without a sending the device to the manufacturer or to the service partner (to be charged).

As up to 16 doctors can use the device, their profiles and recorded data are protected by individual PIN.
Since 15th November 2010 the CARD STAR/memo3 is allowed by gematik. For this terminal practices get fixed reimbursement from the respective German health insurance.

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  • Useable by 16 doctors at the same time 
  • PIN protection of saved data
  • Health insurance card reader according to Bundesmantelvertrag § 19  
  • Zusätzlicher Einlegleser für HBA (im Batteriefach)
  • Life time 200.000 - 500.000 mating cycles
  • 32Bit-ARM CPU
  • Size 131 x 65-70 x 22-24 mm (L x B x H)
  • Weight 180 Gramm
  • 2x AAA batteries 1.100 mAh
05:31 21.09.2020