13:19 26.06.2017
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IPC2U announces: CAN-8823 - CANopen remote I/O unit Featuring 8 Slot

IPC2U presents CAN-8823 CANopen remote I/O unit featuring eight (8) slots. The device belongs to the CAN-8x23 family (CAN-8423, CAN-8223, CAN-8123, and 8823). The CAN-8823 CANopen remote I/O unit is specifically designed for the CANopen protocol devices featuring expanding slots (1, 2, 4, or 8) of I/O. Alongside releasing the latest product in the market, the features of CAN-8823 are also upgraded and updated. 


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The newly released product of CAN-8x23 offers outstanding support to two more modules of I/O, namely, I-87026PW and I-87042W. The I-87042W module integrated within CANopen remote I/O unit is indeed a DIO module of high density featuring 16-DO and 16 – DI channels, whereas, the I-87026PW module is known to be multi functional and incorporates 2-AO, 2-DO, 2- DI, and 6-AI channels.  The upgraded function of the CAN-8823 also enables an inverse of the minimum and maximum value of the AI channels. 

The measurement circuit is usually opened during the time of application of the AI module and the response value generally tends to be the minimum or maximum value of the AI input range depending on the features of a range of AI module of the CANopen remote I/O unit.  This function helps while defining the response value to be either minimum or maximum of the input range when the analog input circuit of the CAN-8823 is broken. 

The CAN- 8x23 also extends support towards the ‘Load’ and ‘Save’ functionalities of the CANopen protocol. The ‘Save’ command of the CANopen remote I/O unit helps saving the existing configuration of the CANopen parameters of the modules. Another new function of the CAN-8823 involves the support of saving the configuration of the dynamic PDO. The range of the integrated features of the upgraded CAN-8823 is sure to bring for you a host of complete and more powerful solutions with reference to CANopen slave.
Experience the delight of using the latest product of the CAN – 8x23.


  • support 80186,80MHz CPU
  • 512KB SRAM, 512KB Flash, 2KB EEPROM
  • 31 bytes NVRAM
  • Watchdog Timer
  • 8x Expansion slots
  • Dimensions: 312mm x 132mm x 91mm (Wx Lx H)
  • Power supply: 10 ~ 30V DC
  • Wide Temperature range: -25°C ~ 75°C

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13:19 26.06.2017