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IPC2U announces: APPC 1720T-Series - Panel PC with CAN bus and galvanic isolation!

IPC2U presents the new fanless Panel PCs APPC 1720T and APPC 1721T. Equipped with the low-power consuming Intel Atom Dual Core D525 1.8GHz CPU and up to 2GB DDR3 RAM the Panel PC can achieve double performance than Intel Atom N270 CPU based systems. Moreover, APPC 1720T-series has a HDD damper protection, providing additional protection against shock and vibrations. These Panel PCs can operate with wide voltage range from 9 to 30V. APPC 1720T is well-suitable for telecom applications, industry devices and machines e.g. forklift and truck. The fanless Panel PC APPC 1720T series is specifically developed with a seamless flat-bezel touch screen display which gives the system an elegant visually attractive appearance preventing  effectively against dust and dirt.APPC 1720T is all-in-one compact system, that provides a lot of interfaces and can be extended by Add-Ins Cards.  So, the APPC 1720T is equipped with 2x Intel Gbit LAN, 4x USB,  2 x mini-PCIe/ 1 x CF/ 2 x RS232/422/485, PS2 KB/MS. Optionally a WLAN can be ordered. The Panel PC can be connected with the second display over a VGA cable. There are 1x CF slot or SATA DOM or 2,5“ HDD Drive Bay for data storage.

Based on the APPC 1720T model, APPC 1721T has two RS-232/422/485 COM ports with isolation to fit industrial applications plus two additional RS-323 COM ports. In addition, one GPIO port for 4 input/output is available for data akquisition. There is also an optional CAN bus interface for communication with CAN bus device. Both RS232/422/485 interfaces are galvanic isolated, so they can withstand voltage peaks up to 2.5kV.
Security is also emphasized: the device is protected with front IP65 compliant panel, it has a 1-255s watchdog timer as well as system temperature and voltage control. Moreover, the APPC 1720T-Series provides additional shock and vibration protection.
The device can work between  -5°C und +55°C.

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APPC 1720T


  • Intel Atom Dual Core D525 1.8GHz CPU
  • Up to 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2x Intel Gbit LAN, 4x USB, 2 x mini-PCIe, 1 x CF, 2 x RS232/422/485, PS2 KB/MS, VGA
  • WLAN (optional)
  • 2.5" SATA Drive Bay, CF Socket
  • CAN-Bus, 2 x RS232/422/485 to2,5kV galvanic isolated (APPC 1721T)
  • 1-255s watchdog timer as well as system temperature and voltage control 
  • IP65 protection grade
02:58 07.07.2020