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APL-NUC-N3350 CPU-board from ICOP

APL-NUC-N3350 CPU-board from ICOP

The NUC (Next Unit of Computing) format has been developed by Intel as a response to the APPLE Company presentation of a MAC Mini format. This format represents a small-size embedded board in a plastic housing without the opportunity for installation of a standard data storage device. Later, it became possible to order boards with no housing, whereas, some manufacturers have developed housings that support installation of full-size data storage devices.

The Taiwan’s company ICOP keeps announcing models based on Intel processors and has offered the first embedded board of the industrial grade in NUC format - APL-NUC-N3350.

As it comes from its name, the basis of this model constitutes Intel Celeron N3350 - a mobile processor of Apollo lake family with the clockrate of 1.1 GHz. Similar to previous devices, the APL-NUC-N3350 board features backward processor installation. The model supports DDR3L RAM with up to 8Gb of memory and frequency of 1866MHz.

Despite its small size of 153х164 mm, the board is equipped with all necessary communication ports. The board features the following input/output ports, with no additional ports connected:

  • 4 USB3.0 ports
  • One COM port
  • Two HDMI ports with support of resolution of 3840х2160 pixels
  • One VGA port with support of resolution of 1920х1200 pixels
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports on the basis of Realtek 8111H controller
  • One combined port - line output/microphone input
APL-NUC-N3350 side view

Additionally, the following ports can be connected: one USB2.0 port, a GPIO port.

The board also features an interface for SMBus protocol based data exchange.

The data storage of mSATA type installed in miniPCIe slot can be used as the main storage. Upon the client’s wish, and providing it is possible to install a full-scale storage into the device housing, the board is equipped with SATA3 port and a 4-pin connector for power connection of a data storage device.

Optionally, APL-NUC-N3350 board can be equipped with a wireless connection module or a port extension board using a half size miniPCIe slot.

Power consumption of APL-NUC-N3350 requires 12V DC. You can work in either ATX or AT mode.

Like any other solution based on Apollo Lake processors, APL-NUC-N3350 CPU-board supports Windows 10 and Linux operating systems.

The main scope of application of this board is the development of rather efficient compact size systems of nettop type, application in service kiosks and terminals.
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