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Announcement of motion sensors of PIR series


The models of a new PIR series are capable of detecting infrared waves generated by a human within a distance of 8 meters with a coverage area of 360°, and feature a built-in temperature and humidity sensor.


Models of PIR series can transmit data on changes over either wired Ethernet, RS-485 interfaces, or Wi-Fi wireless network. All models can be configured to switch on the light automatically when motion is detected.

Basic parameters of PIR series:

  • Detection range 360°
  • 1 relay output for connection of up to 1500 W loads
  • Configured switch on delay time and trigger sensitivity
  • Opportunity to change temperature and humidity
  • Support of Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard (model PIR-230-WF)
  • Work with DCON and Modbus RTU/TCP protocols
  • Ability to work at 300V AC (model PIR-130-AC)

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12:15 02.06.2020