ALX-9x91: a new line of ICP DAS’s controllers in a metal case, running on Linux OS

09 February 2024 Product News

ICP DAS has introduced a new series of high-performance controllers based on the Linux operating system – ALX-9x91.

ALX-9x91 is a series of PAC controllers based on Ubuntu 20.04 that combines computing, I/O and management interfaces into a single device. It is an ideal solution offering a huge range of functionality including HMI, data acquisition and control in one controller. The controllers have a powerful 4-core Intel Atom E3950 processor (1.6-2.0 GHz). The controllers are equipped with 1/3/7 expansion slots, dual gigabit Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, USB ports, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces.

Local I/O slots support the use of I-9K, I-97K and e-9K series I/O modules, while remote I/O expansion allows the use of our Ethernet and RS-485 I/O modules. The ALX-9000 also provides benefits such as web services (web servers, SFTP, SSH) and wireless capabilities. Linux users can easily manage their embedded systems in a Linux environment.

Key features:

  • Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Kernel 5.4
  • Intel® Atom Processor E3950 (1.6-2.0 GHz, 4 cores, 4 threads)
  • 64 GB SSD
  • Hard Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • VGA/HDMI Display Output
  • 2 Ethernet ports 10/100/1000M
  • 4 serial ports (RS-232/485)
  • Redundant power input

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