19:51 28.11.2020
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Despite COVID-19: IPC2U will still be there for you even during the corona crisis!

Dear customers and partners, ladies and gentlemen, the current situation is more challenging than before and it is difficult to find your way around the unknown. But as we now know, it is critical that we all work together to significantly slow the spread of the corona virus.

That is why we at IPC2U GmbH decided to take action to protect our employees and their families. That is why our employees work in the commercial departments from home.

We have taken all possible precautions to ensure smooth operation, but there may be restrictions on accessibility in the next few days and weeks. Your contacts at our company can all be reached on the known phone numbers. If you should not be able to reach your usual contact person by phone, please contact us by email. We will definitely take care of your concerns.

We ask for your appreciation for these measures, which we believe are unavoidable.

And finally, we have another request for you: It is now important that we act in solidarity and wisely. Think of the people in our society. Because, the health damage is currently even easier to avoid than economic cuts, with which we will all be confronted to a certain extent.

Stay healthy!

Your team from IPC2U GmbH
19:51 28.11.2020