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The commercial EDR router from MOXA: why a basic firewall won’t do

In today’s world of management and automation networks, unsanctioned access and cyber-attacks are a virtual given. Only a few years ago, networks that were not connected to the Internet were considered safe, whereas nowadays they are tightly interconnected.

Let’s consider a simple example. You oversee a production line, which you monitor and control via remote access. If your equipment suddenly receives a command from an unverified external source (from an intruder, for instance), the likelihood is your production efficiency will be hindered and you will suffer losses in profit. And we’re not even mentioning the effect on more large-scale or dangerous enterprises, where these losses may be more severe.

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The difference between NPort and MGate: which should you choose?
Engineers often have trouble deciding between NPort and MGate in their work.  The answer lies in their specifications - let’s take a look!
Choosing NPort
NPort are serial interface servers that are designed to connect devices with RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces to an Ethernet network and transmit the data without any changes to it.
Converting protocols via MGate
MGate is a gateway series that converts protocols and interfaces. For example, the MGate MB3180 converts the RS-485 interface and the Modbus RTU protocol to an Ethernet interface and the Modbus TCP protocol
17:00 23.01.2018