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IPC2U and ARinfotek with joint booth in Planet Reseller at the CeBIT 2012

IPC2U comes in 2012 together with ARinfotek to the CeBIT! The CeBIT is one of the worldwide most important specialized fair for digital technique and attracts several tenthousends people. A unique combination of fair, conference, keynotes, corporate events and lounges lends the CeBIT inspiring impulses to create new business contactes.
More than 4,200 companies from over 70 countries took part in the CeBIT 2011. Also in 2012 the CeBIT will be an outstanding event!
Come and enjoy the CeBIT with IPC2U and our subexhibitor ARinfotek! We would like to introduce to all visitors an exciting world of Embedded Systems, Panel PCs, Industrial Communications, Network Security Applications as well as Servers and to discuss novelties and trends in this area.

Visit us at 15-D52/1 in Planet Reseller on 06 March till 10 March 2012. We are glad to see you! 
Yours Sincerely, IPC2U GmbH.
04:20 26.02.2020