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#Protocol Gateways


Gateway HRT-710 has lost 3 times and became the HRT-310
HRT-310 allows you to convert the HART protocol to Modbus RTU / ASCII protocol

Articles and Reviews

Full range of equipment for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Industrial Internet of Things changes the traditional picture of interaction between men and machines. Combining data acquisition over Internet and analytics, it gives a new look at improvement of efficiency and optimization of business processes.
The difference between NPort and MGate: which should you choose?
Engineers often have trouble deciding between NPort and MGate in their work.  The answer lies in their specifications - let’s take a look!
Converting protocols via MGate
MGate is a gateway series that converts protocols and interfaces. For example, the MGate MB3180 converts the RS-485 interface and the Modbus RTU protocol to an Ethernet interface and the Modbus TCP protocol
Complete FAQ about the Modbus protocol conversion
The frequently asked questions and answers are designed to help you identify and prevent frequent problems with the Modbus protocol conversion.
Detailed description of the Modbus TCP protocol with command examples
In this article, you will learn about the Modbus TCP protocol, which is the evolution of the Modbus RTU protocol.
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