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Vortex EX2 Standard: More power, less consumption with VEX2-6454 and VEX2-6427 Industrial Boards
For future-proof applications, ICOP Technology now equips 3.5" and PC/104 embedded solutions with the latest EX2 processors. For example, the VEX2-6427 3.5" board is equipped with eight COM interfaces, dual CAN bus, dual I²C and a 12-bit ADC.
Tiny-Board VDX2-6518-1G-S with Vortex86DX2 System-on-Chip
The basis of this Tiny form factor board is the 800MHz clocked SoC Vortex86DX2 CPU. The standard version is equipped with 1GB DDR2 RAM memory. The integrated graphics chip supports monitors and flat panels via VGA as well as via LVDS. The software programmable watchdog timer is fully M6117D compatible.
Intel-based 3.5-inch CPU boards from ICOP
Intel boards with bottom-mounted processors to enable simple, efficient and space-saving passive heat dissipation in smart case design.
PC104 Board VDX3-6754 with Vortex86DX3 CPU by ICOP
PC-104 Board VDX3-6754-2C-2G presenting as an ideal solution for embedded applications and industrial projects.
iBPC - simple and workable solution for your application
The iBPC series for an optimal combination of performance, energy efficiency and compatibility with existing IT infrastructure and software.
Compact Embedded Board for vehicles and machines
The compact VDX3-EITX Embedded Board ist ISO 7673-2 and ISO 16750-2 certified, making it the ideal board for applications in commercial and transport vehicles.
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