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Video Surveillance Software

Software allows to join all components of a surveillance system and to solve a problem of compaction and synchronization of video picture or sound, watching video from several cameras simultaneously, control events, to ensure network security, and to define the access rights for each user.

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The software of various manufacturers differs significantly by the amount of functions, operational convenience and, for sure, price. The software can be distinguished by a scalability degree, network management functions, fault tolerance, implemented operational systems, program solution for web-browser clients with support of ONVIF and/or PSIA.

There are two main ways to choose the software: either to purchase original software provided by the manufactures of the video surveillance equipment, or to use the products of independent software developers.

Unlike the software from independent developers, the original software provided by the equipment manufactures rarely allows to integrate into the network the equipment from other manufacturers. However, the price of one video surveillance channel will be lower.

On the other hand, software products from independent developers are characterized by a greater scalability, functionality and flexibility, as well as ability to connect various video analysis modules, and, thus, broaden the choice of equipment and justify additional costs.
13:24 20.08.2018