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Embedded Systems

Embedded System is a special-purpose computing system that represents the module, the block of a device (its part) and is embedded directly into it or constitutes a part of the devices joined in a single network. Embedded Systems are designed for device management, data accumulation, control and monitoring.

The embedded computer systems are widely used in:

  • automations system for production sphere;
  • control and management systems;
  • vehicular and transport systems;
  • systems of data transmission and data storage devices;
  • space systems;
  • avionics and rocket production;
  • military industrial complex;
  • railway and marine transport;
  • industrial Ethernet systems of data transmission.

All these spheres pose strict requirements, including ability to operate in industrial conditions, resisting vibrations or mechanical impacts, temperature drops and increased loads, as well as to function in unmanned room, to support special purpose I/O interfaces and to ensure long lasting operation.

In our catalog, you can find models from the leading industrial manufacturers of embedded systems, such as: NEXCOM, IEI, AXIOMTEK, ICOP, LEXCOM, RTD, Advantech, Portwell, ARBOR, etc. The product range expands constantly so that you can purchase either time proved models or buy new entries of the embedded systems market.
06:38 26.02.2021