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CompactPCI Systems

Products with CompactPCI system bus are designed to build a reliable complex of computing systems with high level of mean time between failures (MTBF) and ability for functionality expansion.

CompactPCI is an international industrial standard for building multifunctional embedded systems. Today CompactPCI Serial standard is considered to be its successor. It is designed on the basis of PCI Express interface and is capable to secure data transmission rate of more than 12Gbit/s.

IPC2U provides wide range of CompactPCI products:

  • cPCI chassis
  • cPCI CPU boards
  • cPCI circuit boards
  • cPCI communication boards
  • cpCI I/O boards
  • cPCI peripheral boards
  • cPCI power supply units

Thanks to their outstanding characteristics the complex CompactPCI systems are widely used in various industry spheres:

  • Production sphere
  • Industrial automation
  • Telecommunication
  • Transport sphere
  • Military industry

Functionality of CompactPCI systems

Due to modular structure the complexes on the CompactPCI basis can be expanded according to any client requirements. cPCI will make using I/O ports, such as LAN, COM, DIO, unnecessary. Due to small sizes of expansion modules the cPCI secures maximum performance by the size.

cPCI Chassis supports the "hot swapping" mode that allows to install and to extract the expansion boards without switching off the system, which is essential for constant system operation.

The support of back-up power source significantly increases the cPCI systems fault tolerance in comparison to general application computers.

cPCI processor boards with expanded working temperature range from -40 to +85oC are designed especially for operation in severe environmental conditions.

Building computer complexes on the basis of CompactPCI products will allow to use the space effectively and to achieve maximum functionality. Due to their peculiarities cPCI are highly reliable and easy to service in comparison to rack mounted solutions. We are glad to offer a wide range of CompactPCI products created by Adlink.

Should you still be in search of a right solution, the specialists from IPC2U would be glad to guide you to the best decision.
08:39 07.06.2023