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Industrial Memory Cards

Processing capacity and reliability of the embedded computers can be improved by means of modern Solid State Disks. Wide range of flash disks and memory cards, such as SATA SSD, CompactFlash, CFast, mSATA, Disk on Module, SD etc. offered by IPC2U company allows to find the electronic disk that matches with your embedded system most.

Flash drives are frequently applied in modern systems:

  • SSD drive for mobile devices
  • in on-board systems for collection and registration
  • in fault-tolerant systems of industrial automation
  • in telecommunication equipment
  • for tasks that require high reliability, vibration and physical impact resistance

Functionality and advantages of electronic drives

The memory modules on electronic drivers are optimal for application in industrial computers, vehicle on-board systems, mobile devices and telecommunication equipment.

There exist two types of Flash-memory: MLC and SLC. MLC-chips possess fewer resources (flash-memory lifetime is limited by a definite number of data rewriting cycles). Usually SLC-chips are accounted for max. 100 thousand of clear-and-write cycles, MLC-chips - 10 thousand cycles.

When using flash drives the embedded system will acquire the following advantages:

  • fast loading; fast reading/writing/copying
  • extended temperature range
  • small size
  • resistance to vibration and impacts
  • low energy consumption and energy generation
  • absence of noise

The advantage of the flash-drives over the hard disk drives (HDD) consists in the fact that the data is stored in special flash memory chips, rather than on magnetic stripes. Due to such a way of data storage the device is able to operate faster.

Firstly, it is not necessary to convert the magnetic recording into the electrical signals.

Secondly, there are no moving mechanical parts, hence, less time is required for data search (in HDD the data search is executed by means of moving heads).

Flash memory drives, such as SSD, are less affected by the physical impact, hence, they can be dropped, thrown without loss or damage of data, which is not the case of NDD. One more characteristics of flash drives is their ability to operate at extended temperature range, which is essential for application at industrial facilities.

The advantages over classical HDD drives are as follows:

  • small size
  • application flexibility
  • faster information reading and writing
  • increased resistance to physical impacts and vibration
  • low energy consumption and energy generation
  • extended operation temperature range
  • silent operation

You can choose and purchase SSD-drives of various formats and capacity in IPC2U.

The wide range of flash-drives, presented by IPC2U, allows you to choose the electronic drive, which would suit you embedded systems most.

Broad range of flash-drives and memory cards, such as SATA SSD, CompactFlash, CFast, mSATA, Disk on Module, SD etc., presented by IPC2U allows you to choose the electronic drive, which would suit you embedded systems most. Among numerous electronic drives offered by IPC2U you can find models created by the leading manufacturers, such as: APACER, INNODISK, AFAYA, MELTRON etc.

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