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IPC2U - Industry PC, Embedded PC, Panel PC
Inductrial PC to You

+49(0) 511 807 259-0

You have a defect product?

If you see that you have a defective system bought at IPC2U, we will help you to repair or to exchange it as soon as possible. Please contact in any case our technical support before shipping.

If an IPC2U device is defective, act follows:

1. You contact us under:
Telefon: + 49 (0) 511 / 80 72 59 0
Telefax: + 49 (0) 511 / 80 72 59 22

2. You tell us a product, invoice number and describe the malfunction.

3. Our RMA department tries to resolve the problem on the phone.

4. If it does not help:
You send us the device in the original package together with filled RMA form with following data (shipments with insufficient postages are not accepted):
- Invoice-/Delivery note number
- Malfunction description
- Contact (Please fill all fields in the contact form.)

Frankenring 6
D-30855 Langenhagen

6. Is there some warranty, we will repair the device free of charge und send it back to you.

7. If the warranty expired, we will inform you about it and give you an estimation of costs.

8. If you accept the costs, we repair the device and send it back.

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