15:50 01.12.2015
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Industrial Computers and Solutions for Automation and Communication
Frankenring 6 30855 Langenhagen Germany
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CPU-1484-A0 PC/104 CPU module from EUROTECH
The CPU-1484-A0 is an embedded board consisting of two modules: a mezzanine CPU module combined with a PC/104-Plus form factor carrier, with a high degree of integration, low power consumption
HSD2-series Servo Drive
HSD2 is a synchronous AC Servo Drive which can realize both speed and accurate position digital control of Servomotors. HSD2 Servo Drive has compact size and Intelligent Power Module with other latest technology design inside it
A new Fanless Embedded Computer NISE-2400
Working on processors family Intel Atom E3800, a NISE-2400 series has both processing power, good graphics performance and an excellent opportunity to expand with additional interfaces for a variety of applications such as: video surveillance systems at city facilities, automatic charging for services gas stations, etc.
ITP-G802SM-8PH24 Switch for Railway Traffic
ITP-G802SM-8PHE24 switch is a managed industrial grade Gigabit Ethernet switch which is equipped with PoE ports, robust anti-vibration and anti-shock M12 connectors and a waterproof IP67 rated enclosure to guarantee reliable operation
EBOX-336x series from DMP Electronics Inc.
A new series of ultra-compact computers eBOX-3330 is designed on the basis of a mini CPU board with Vortex86DX2 933MGts processor. The EBOX-336x series is a simplified & an economical design of an embedded device for Special Purpose Personal Computing.
HV1000-series Frequency Inverter
A HV1000-series frequency inverter changes output voltage frequency and magnitude to modify the speed, torque and power of a connected motor to meet the needs of load conditions.
New Desktop Network Security Appliance DNP-890
Based on the new Intel Atomprocessor E3815, the DNP-890 has packed excellent performance per watt, accelerated data cryptography and LAN functions. The DNP-890 can create safe environments for network communication
IPS-803GSM-HL - for conventional Power Substation applications
IPS-G803SM-HL is an industrial grade Gigabit Ethernet managed switch that is designed to meet demands of substations and power stations and is fully compliant with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 requirements.
STE100A-Serial IP Device Server
The STE100A-Serial is a multi-interface model with a software configurable interface for RS-232, RS-422/485 4-wire and RS-485 2-wire, which provides the serial device server for Windows hosts to control serial devices
IPPC 1840P Heavy Industrial Panel PC from NEXCOM
The conceived as IoT HMI 10-point multi-touch Panel PC comes without border and provide them with flush front design a very smooth surface. The supervision and control of the line or the control of complex systems can be implemented with the fieldbus PC IPPC-1840P
Fiber Media Converter Concentrator PHB-200M-AD
PHB-200-AD is a 1U high 19" rack mountable device that offers 20 independent and isolated Gigabit Ethernet fiber media converters concentrated into a single unit with two redundant power supply modules.
NISE Price – Action
IPC2U celebrates the successful website re-launch and gives a unique special offer: Complete Series NISE comes in single special conditions for you. Get started by making an offer!
Multi-Service Platform FRM220-CH08
The FRM220-CH08 is a 1U high 19" Rack, 8 slot modular media converter chassis. The Modular Media Chassis provides an economic solution for high density Fiber Converter installations in enterprises or central offices
Intelligent controller NIFE 300P3 for production management
NIFE 300P3 has been designed to help the modern production receive additional benefits by taking advantage of IoT
Industrial LTE Wireless IP Gateway JetWave 3420-M12
The JetWave 3420-M12 model is an powerful industrial grade cellular wireless IP gateway which enables access to the Ethernet, WiFi and serial port communication over the LTE network.
Durabook S15AB: as thin, as light, as rugged as possible
IPC2U presents the Rugged Durabook S15AB. The S15AB is a fully rugged notebook with Full Rugged 15.6" LCD Full HD display.
New 15 inch Medical Grade Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core CPU Platform WMP-153 from Wincomm
To meet the cleanliness standard of the medical environment, the WMP-153 has IPx1 for whole system, and an IP65 rated and full flat touch seamless design on the front side with antibacterial housing
IFC-FDC-SC002 - Industrial RS-232/422/485 Daisy Chain Fiber Converter
IFC-FDC-SC002 is an industrial grade fiber media converter that provides dual fiber connections to extend asynchronous RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 serial transmissions over a distance up to 2km
Nautiz-NX8-BA - new generation of handheld computers
Nautiz-NX8-BA is the highest achievement in the combination of performance and miniaturization. It retains distinct Handheld Group's industrial design with an integrated physical keypad
IMC-1000-PHE12-SC020 – conventional device for networks junction
IMC-1000-PHE12-SC020 Fiber Media Converter helps to connect different local area networks to form one outsized network. It’s designed to transparently connect copper media to fiber
15:50 01.12.2015