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Industrial Computers and Solutions for Automation and Communication
Frankenring 6 30855 Langenhagen Germany
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NEW NUCLEOS mini PCs: fanless, noiseless, maintenance-free and long-term availability
The NUCLEOS Mini PC is mainly characterized by three properties - it is compact, fanless and running a tremendous performance at extremely low power consumption.
NexROBO 6R Edu Package
The NexROBO 6R Edu Package is a powerful, ready-made set of software and hardware with circuit integration which allows users to develop their own robot control. This package is suitable for academy study and for programmers who wants to learn the basics of robotics.
Innodisk mini-SSD without an additional power cable
Fast and reliable and without an external power supply: Innodisk SSD DOM (Disk on Module) are inserted without additional power supply to a SATA port. This DOM is an alternative for mainboards without M.2 slot.
UA-5231 Industrial IoT Communication Server
The UA-5231 is a data acquisition controller and at the same time an Industrial IoT communication server. This device has a built-in OPC UA Server and MQTT Client Service with support of a variety of industrial communication protocols and interfaces such as RS-232/RS-485, USB and Gigabit Ethernet.
NIFE 300 with 6th generation i7 CPU for optimizing the processes
NIFE 300 with 6th generation i7 CPU for optimizing the processes
SmartView™ Element Management System for network control
SmartView™ software is a Centralized Network Management Platform that applies to main CTC Union’s Products. Having easy and User-Friendly Operation Interface Smartview provides remote access control for monitoring and configuration the network equipment.
iROBO-43575-13P/48h - powerful industrial PC with the Intel Core i5
IPC2U presents the iROBO-43575-13P/48h with the Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
Industrial Quad-band 3G WCDMA Modem GTM-203M-3GWA
The GTM-203M-3GWA is an industrial Quad-band 3G and Quad-band GSM modem with RS-232 and USB interfaces.
Remaining Stock, Returns and Special Items
Remaining Stock, Returns and Special Items excel.pngIn this list we provide actual remaining stock, returns and special items from our complete portfolio, immediate delivery ex warehouse.
NISE 106: versatile Quad Core Fanless system as IoT Gateway
Fanless System NISE 106 with quad-core CPU for use as an industrial computer, IoT Gateway for technical supervision or commercial environments.
Ruggedcom M969 MIL-STD Switch
The RUGGEDCOM M969 is a managed Ethernet switch with the MIL-STD 901D rated package for protection against vibration and shock impacts and IP66/IP67 protection against strong jets of water or temporary immersion in water.
IoT-Ready: 19" Panel PC AFL2-W19AB-H61
The AFL2-W19AB-H61 is a lightweight 19" Industrial Panel PC, which is well protected despite its narrow design and its elegant chassis. It combines a robust, stable design with high safety standards
High Density Multi-Service Platform FRM220-CH20
The FRM220-CH20 is a multi-service platform that provides an economic solution for high density fiber converter installations in enterprises or central offices.
Nexcom NDiS-A322 - Panel PC for in-vehicle signage applications
Among the new products recently introduced by Nexcom, there is a NDiS-A32 - new screen model with integrated PC designed for installations signage in various contexts - retail outlets, supermarkets, railway stations, airports and buses.
ITP-800-E Switch for Harsh Environments
ITP-800-E is an unmanaged industrial grade Fast Ethernet switch which provides 8 anti-vibration and anti-shock M12 ports, waterproof protection and wide temperature operating range to guarantee uninterrupted operation in harsh environments.
STACK 104-VORTEX-X86 combines PCI/104 and PCI/104 Plus in one embedded PC
With a Vortex X86 600 MHz CPU of the STACK 104-VORTEX-X86 is a very energy-efficient and fail-safe embedded system. It has full backward compatibility with the PC 104 Plus standards.
IFS-500C Compact Industrial Fast Ethernet Switch
The IFS-500C is a compact-sized model of the very popular 5-port Industrial Ethernet switch with IP30 rugged metal housing and industrial grade certifications. This device is designed for harsh environments and can provide stable and reliable data transmission for the various automation applications.
NCm-301-2VM - intelligent IP camera for video surveillance
With the growing resolution bandwidth the data consumption is increasing also. The IP Camera NCM 301-2VM is through integrated compression and intelligent technologies such as region-of-interest (ROI) consistent answers to these problems.
Industrial Access Point IWF300
IWF300 Industrial Wi-Fi Access point is specially designed to support mesh and fast roaming functions, which can enhance long range wireless coverage and mobility connectivity.
Rugged Industrial Computer DynaCOR-10-00-01 from EUROTECH
А new device DynaCOR-10-00-01 aims to become an assistant in any M2M systems that requires computers which designed to operate in the most demanding industrial environment
04:02 09.02.2016