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This part of the Catalogue describes boards and other devices that provide communication between PC and peripherals using serial interfaces as well as the devices that are used to build industrial networks.

Ethernet nowadays is widely used in all branches of industries to control different kinds of equipment. That is why different products for Industrial Ethernet are included in the Catalogue.

 Ethernet Adapters

Allow computer to access networks based on Ethernet protocol. No matter which architecture or form-factor your computer is built on it is possible to find the solution to connect the computer to Ethernet using the various devices from this section of the Catalogue.

 Wireless LAN

More and more used in different branches of industry as a solution for various communication problems. Modern WLAN equipment feature durability and noise immunity as well as high data transfer rates. The devices make high speed communications possible while avoiding complicated cabling and providing equipment mobility.

 Ethernet Hubs and Switches

Make the building of Industrial Ethernet networks possible. This equipment features reliability and provides extra benefits like redundancy and noise proof to your local network.

 Ethernet converters

Allow the transmission of Ethernet signals through fiber optic lines while achieving the extending of Ethernet lines and extra noise proof.

Network communication servers

Includes devices that provide connection of RS-232/422/485 devices to Ethernet. In other words they are Ethernet-serial interface gateways. A number of ports varies from one port to 16 ports (depending on model). The servers have some important merits: high reliability, scalable port architecture, network transparency, easy usage and maintenance.

 Multiport Communication Boards

Supports ISA, PCI, PC/104, CompactPCI, PCMCIA standards and serial interface for data transfer. There are industrial boards with RS-485 serial interface that provide reliable work of peripherals in harsh environments, low-cost boards with RS-232 serial interface that can be used in simple systems with low data speed and intellectual RS-232 boards that provide high throughput capability and multiport connection (up to 256 ports).

RS-232/422/485 Adapters

 Special Interface Adapters

 Serial Interface Converters

Different serial interfaces can be converted into each other using the Serial Interface Converters listed in the appropriate section of the Catalogue.

 RS-232/422/485 Repeaters

 Accessories for Communication Devices

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